The Archive Bureau can store most types of documents: PDFs, Word, Excel, AVIs, DICOM and more.  Storing your files online eliminates the need for onsite or offsite storage allowing you to free up valuable office space. GP surgeries, for example, can free up a much needed new treatment room.

Digital files are easier to access, retrieve or share, restrictions, permissions and passwords can be set further reducing the possibility of unauthorised access, loss, theft or damage.

The Archive Bureau is committed to the security of your files online. The Archive Bureau’s server is held in an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data centre with UK-only based backups. Strict security systems protect the centre including 24/7 security personnel, movement activated CCTV and alarmed doors. The Archive Bureau has a range of protocols in place to prevent unauthorised access to files, including a clear process of authorisation and permanent encryption of all files. You can be sure that your files have never been more secure.

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