Protecting your paper documents from the risk of fire, water or rodent damages and the degradation of ink and paper that happens over time. Let our team take the stress of scanning and uploading your documents for you.

The Archive Bureau team can seamlessly convert all your paper documents to electronic, searchable and secure files for you. By preparing your documents before we scan them, we are ensuring that all images are accurately captured with staples and file-fixings removed.

Our high-speed scanning technology means that we efficiently scan documents of all sizes to any digital format either in colour or black and white and at print-quality resolutions,.

All documents can be converted by The Archive Bureau Team into interactive PDF documents which can be easily searched for typed words, phrases and dates. The process we use renders your PDFs interactive, allowing you to annotate pages, highlight relevant phrases, circle important points, share/export your comments, and copy and paste information into other documents.

Our sophisticated scanning process combined with our searchable website means that you have a powerful research tool at your fingertips.

Any physical files can either be returned to you or shredded in a secure and confidential environment. 

To find out how TAB can help you, get in touch with our team today